Shorter time-to-market for your product in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia – we know with whom how and when to speak.

We know the markets, we know the people, and we know the tools!

What we do for you:

1 PR / Marketing

1.1 Press

  • regular press releases based on your input
  • publishing in news portals
  • distribution to journalists

1.2 Training

  • Training events with professional organizations and tour operators
  • creation and distribution of E-Learning courses

1.3 Trade fairs

  • organization of appointments for central trade fairs (ITB, WTM and other)
  • Organizational help for regional or specialized trade fairs

1.4 Product

  • Adapting to trends and customer requirements and market conditions

1.5 Competition observation

1.6 Website

  • Your own marketing web site

2 Sales support

2.1 First contact

  • Selection of suitable tour operators / travel agents
  • Market preparation by press and public relations

2.2 Mailing

  • Mailing to contact
  • Periodic mailings with special offers, news, etc.

2.3 Follow up

  • Regular telephone and / or personal contact with the decision makers

3 Trouble Shooting

  • Help with problems in contract design, processing, misunderstandings

Our experience:

  • Proven success in destination marketing for Indian, European and African tour operators and lodges.
  • Owner 25 year in the travel business. Company founded 1999.
  • Head of Russian office also 25 years in travel business and academic at university
  • Solid databases for German, Austrian, Swiss and Russian touristic market
  • Personal contact to the decision makers in the business in all this countries
  • Degree as Trainer in Tourism from Deutschen Seminar für Touristik
  • Experience and proven success in development of e-learning courses for touristic destinations
  • Experienced web designer and software developer in-house

What we don’t do

We are part of your sales and marketing team, but we do not accept bookings – all dealings are directly with you.  We do not accept or handle any payments from customers – all payments are directly to you.

If necessary we find a sales agency for you.

Ask us for an offer.